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Lisa Caravello

Lisa Caravello is a Pre-K3 teacher’s aide this year at Notre Dame Academy.  Mrs. Caravello holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Wagner College in Sociology with a minor in Art.  Before pursuing education as her career, she worked as a certified paralegal for Allstate Insurance’s in-house law firm for 15 years, raised her two small daughters, and furthered her own education.  Mrs. Caravello now holds a dual Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and Special Education from Touro College and has served as a per diem substitute teacher in various New York Public Schools.


Mrs. Caravello is a proud parent of two current Notre Dame girls and supports the philosophy and mission of Notre Dame Academy.  Watching her two daughters learn and grow in this academic community and witnessing their journey to embody the Notre Dame values has inspired her to participate as a class representative, dedicated volunteer, and substitute teacher.


As class representative for three years, Mrs. Caravello worked closely with the teachers in the Elementary Childhood Center to make special events a success. She also served as a substitute teacher in other grades.   Last Spring, she served as a long-term substitute teacher in Pre-K4 when the school began online instruction.


Mrs. Caravello’s experiences at Notre Dame Academy have enabled her to develop a personal fondness for the staff and the students, and she is honored to be joining the staff of Notre Dame Academy this year with a permanent position.  She looks forward to welcoming back the students and their families to a new exciting and engaging school year.