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Hello and warmest of welcomes to you. My name is Julie Doyle and I am delighted and honored to share my day with your daughter. There is no one quite like your daughter and there is no place else quite like Notre Dame Academy. Here, your daughter will be empowered, enlightened, and encouraged to be a positive contributor to her world. She will begin each morning gathered among friends and greeted by teachers who are genuinely happy to see her. Here, your daughter will be an essential part of a small class that simultaneously challenges and supports one another. Here, your daughter will come to understand how liberating a sharp wit and curious mind can be. Here, your child will know that the deeper she understands and the stronger she connects to each new learning experience, the more control she will gain over her own future.

I imagine you are visiting this page in an attempt to begin to understand who I am, as I will potentially be spending a significant amount of time with your child. Perhaps this goal can best be accomplished if I openly share my philosophy with you about how I view my role in the education of your daughter. You should know that I absolutely love teaching your daughter. Whether I am astounded by how quickly she has grasped a new concept, or whether I am re-visiting an elusive idea for her for the nineteenth time, I absolutely love being her teacher. I am a graduate of Saint John’s University who has spent more than 20 years in junior high education and each year my faith in our youth is adamantly reaffirmed. Their ingenuity, inquisitiveness, enthusiasm, and candidness are laudable.

I believe that all learning is exhilarating and life-altering and there is always endlessly more to encounter. I believe that the desire for knowledge is intrinsic, yet it is my responsibility to create a safe environment that is both calm in its constancy and stimulating in its variation. It is my most sincere goal that in my classroom, your daughter will become confident enough to take good risks, to develop and express her thoughts, and to feel the joys of maturing mentally, emotionally, and socially. I believe that I am here to understand your daughter’s unique learning approach, to be receptive to her needs as an emerging learner, and to use any and all methods to enhance her reach for knowledge and to delight her as she does so.

I believe you and I need to work together at all times to protect and sustain your daughter’s journey. I know that our day-to-day lives are busy and can be quite stressful, so I believe that day-to-day compassion, kindheartedness, and high standards open every path to knowledge. I believe in my own confidence as an educator as well as the need to foster my humility, and with God’s help, gracefulness, in this experience of being human!

“The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.” Bertrand Russell