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Suzanne Odessa

This is my 26th year teaching at Notre Dame Academy. I am currently the organist and accompanist for the Reformed Church of Huguenot Park as well as a private piano teacher.

Here at NDA, it has been my mission to provide an exciting and enriching experience for each and every student who passes through my door.

With the culmination of 2 concerts each year, our classes are filled with much singing! Harmony is introduced in very early grades. By the time the students have reached grade 3, they have mastered 2 part singing and harmony begins.

The introduction of the recorder in grades 3, 4 and 5, gives each child an opportunity to learn to read music and build a foundation that will prove helpful to any instrument they wish to play. To further enrich the music program at NDA we participate in programs through Carnegie Hall. I attend workshops 2 times each year to become acquainted with the curriculum provided by Carnegie Hall. The Link-up program is a recorder program that exposes students to an orchestra and live performances by various musicians while giving them the opportunity to play along on their recorder feeling as if they are part of the orchestra. It is a fun musical experience.

My philosophy toward music education is that each child should grow to love and appreciate all genres of music through singing, listening and playing while learning the basic theory that provides a foundation for their future musical experiences.

Music brings joy to those who embrace it.  My hope is that my students will continue to participate in music in any way that brings them joy.