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Lisa Carp

Mrs. Carp is an English teacher at Notre Dame Academy High School.  She has been an educator for nearly fifteen years and holds professional certifications in both childhood education and adolescent literacy.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature and a master’s degree in education from The College of Staten Island and an additional concentration  in literacy from St. John’s University. Mrs. Carp is an enthusiastic educator with a genuine love of literature, teaching, and learning.


Throughout her career, Mrs. Carp has had the great pleasure of working with students of all ages. Prior to accepting the position at NDA, she worked as a 5th grade language arts, social studies, and religion teacher at St. Clare Elementary School for many years. She has also taught reading and writing workshops at the College of Staten Island, and is currently teaching undergraduate and graduate literacy courses at St. John’s University.  Her experience has taught her the value of fostering strong, positive, and supportive relationships with students. Mrs. Carp has discovered how important it is to communicate high expectations while also providing all learners with the support and instruction they need to reach those benchmarks. Over the years, she has experienced the joy and satisfaction of seeing firsthand how individual achievement improves a student’s sense of self-efficacy and instills in her the motivation to learn and accomplish even more. 


“It is this sense of self-efficacy and motivation to learn that I try to instill in each of the bright, talented, and inquisitive young women I teach here at Notre Dame Academy.  As the mother of two Notre Dame Academy graduates, I recognize the value of a Notre Dame Academy education, and I can appreciate how transformative these amazing four years can be.”