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Gina Karabin earned both her Bachelor's in Biology and Masters in Education from Wagner College. After a few years of teaching, she then pursued her passion in dentistry and earned a degree in Allied Health with a concentration in Dental Hygiene from New York University’s College of Dentistry.  When not in the physical classroom teaching students at Notre Dame Academy, she can be found seeing patients at a private dental practice or teaching online courses for the dental school.  

With her passion for teaching comes a passion for learning.  Ms. Karabin is involved in many organizations: the American Dental Education Association, the American Dental Hygiene Association, and Kappa Delta Pi Educational Association.  The framework of these memberships has allowed her to travel and meet many people from all walks of life.  

While at Notre Dame Academy Ms. Karabin is the moderator for the Science Club and helps out with the Health club.  The science club does many activities from making homemade lip balms to researching how the fun of science is everywhere.  “I thoroughly enjoy teaching and love giving back to the community where I grew up.”