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Jamie O'Hare

Jamie O’Hare is the Math teacher for grades 6-8, as well as the 7th-grade homeroom teacher.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Lafayette College and a Master of Science degree in Elementary Education from Saint Joseph’s University.  Ms. O’Hare has dual certification in Elementary Education and 4th - 8th Grade Mathematics.  


Ms. O’Hare always wanted to be a teacher in her hometown and is grateful to have achieved that dream when she joined the faculty of Notre Dame Academy Elementary School in 2019.  She loves working with children, guiding their curious and passionate minds, and creating a safe, welcoming environment for her students to be who they are and reach their full potential.  


Throughout her undergraduate and postgraduate studies, she was a Division 1 Student-Athlete and Coach, involved in leadership academies and committees that worked on community service projects for children. These included tutoring, fundraisers, athletic camps/clinics, and more than sparked her love for working with children.


Ms. O’Hare credits her love of math and her enjoyment in teaching it to the talented and dedicated teachers and professors who taught her.  She hopes to instill the same love and confidence she has for learning and for mathematics in her students.  Her students will come to appreciate math and its importance through activities and projects and by connecting what they learn to real-life experiences.