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killian clifford
Thank you for your interest in supporting Notre Dame Academy. Through the leadership of the Congregation of Notre Dame and our Board of Trustees, the Office of Mission Advancement coordinates fundraising at NDA through a variety of events, campaigns, and programs. The Annual Fund is our primary fundraising focus each year.  Gifts to the Annual Fund are unrestricted and help us maintain and improve educational programs, professional development for our faculty and staff, scholarship & financial aid, and facilities enhancement. We host several fundraising events each year, including our annual Giving Day which is a virtual event where all members of our community come together to support Notre Dame and our students by reaching a fundraising goal in a 24-hour period and unlocking some incredible results.  The President’s Cup Golf & Tennis Tournament is a time-honored tradition of fun, followed by a dinner where we honor some very special members of our NDA family each year.  Reunions is a special event for our alumnae to celebrate some milestones as classmates and truly embraces the spirit of sisterhood found at Notre Dame Academy.
To know Notre Dame Academy is to love Notre Dame Academy.  It is so much more than a school–it is a family, it is a safe haven, it is a home, it is my community.  There are so many reasons why I love NDA.  As a mom, I get to see first hand how the Notre Dame community sparks joy and excitement in my daughter each day.  At  Notre Dame, she can find her passion and nurture it.  As an alumna, I get to share an incredible bond with amazing women from all career paths.  These women are trailblazers whose experiences were influenced and shaped by the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame and the dedicated faculty and staff.  
As Director of Mission Advancement, I am able to work alongside dedicated, talented colleagues inspired by the vision of leaders who deeply believe in liberating education. It is truly special to be a part of a 120 year legacy of pioneering, strong women (trailblazers).  
So why support Notre Dame Academy today?  Because each girl who attends here deserves the opportunity to find their voice, their passion, their light–and change the world.  Your support today enables us to unlock possibilities for each student, providing them with an education of the entire self and leading them to be agents of change.  They are the trailblazers and they are the future of Staten Island and beyond.  We are Notre Dame Academy, and how thankful I am that I can call NDA home.
Thank you for your investment and belief in Notre Dame’s mission.


Warm Regards,


Killian Tormey Clifford ’00 ‘04 P'31

Director of Mission Advancement

718-447-8878, ext. 305

[email protected]