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Notre Dame Academy High School students work with three full time licensed school counselors. Counselors meet with students both individually and in small guidance groups.

Ninth and tenth grade students meet in guidance groups during the school day to discuss a variety of topics including academic success, time management, organizational skills, friendships, study skills, preparing for college, decision making, and setting goals. Students should review the Sophomore and Junior Year Checklist to make sure they are on track for the college process.

Juniors are enrolled in college guidance and meet with the college counselor weekly to plan for the college application process, research scholarships, and consider different majors and career interests. Additionally, all students may make appointments with any counselor all four years of high school at their request.

Seniors are guided through the college application process with the help and support of the college counselor. Parent Meetings are held in junior and senior year to review the college application process and the FAFSA. Parents are encouraged to complete the Parent Questionnaire provided by the College Counselor.

Counselor Contact Information

Director of Guidance: Laura Parisi: [email protected]

College Counselor: Lisa Huben: [email protected]

Guidance Counselor: Valerie Venditti: [email protected] 


NHS Academic Tutoring

To request academic support, please follow the link to submit a request.

Once the form is submitted, the student will be contacted by the National Honor Society tutor to set up a time to meet. Tutoring sessions will take place during the school day, before or after school.

College Counseling: 100% of Notre Dame Academy High School graduates go on to higher education. Over the past four years graduates have earned over $110 million in scholarships to college, six students have been recognized as National Merit Commended students while one has been recognized as National Merit Finalist. NDA students have been accepted into Ivy League colleges, Fine Arts institutions, and specialized State and City University programs. Each student is guided individually into the program which best fits her needs and abilities.

Notre Dame Academy Elementary School has two counselors working with individual students, groups, and classes.
Mileika Sitorus is a counselor who provides services and curricular materials through Catapult, an educational organization that provides counselors to nonpublic schools.  She works with students individually, in groups, and in classes to provide support and address a variety of skills that impact learning.  Topics addressed include testing anxiety, confidence, self-esteem, organizational skills, time management, social media and creating and implementing achievable academic and study habits, as well as other topics that may surface.
Rosemarie Oginsky is a counselor and social worker who provides services to our students through the Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP).  Primarily, services are delivered to students ranging from individual or small group discussions to full class lessons.  Life skills covered include building self-esteem and confidence, regulating emotions, friendship skills, social media safety, goal setting, as well as time management and organizational skills.
Counselor Contact Information
Mileika Sitorus: [email protected]
Rosemarie Oginsky: [email protected]