Daily Prayer - Week of May 11

Prayer for Friday, May 15, 2020

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine, we remember all those who have given us hope. Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine, we wish each other the great gifts of peace, health, and happiness. 

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine, we pray that we each be blessed with peace of mind. Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine, we place one another in the loving heart of God. 

Adapted from a Buddhist prayer


Prayer for Thursday, May 14, 2020

Pope Francis has asked for an Interreligious Day of Prayer and Fasting.  Believers around the world joined together - whether through prayer, fasting, or by performing acts of charity - to pray for an end to the deadly Covid-19 pandemic 

Pope Francis said:

"Since prayer is a universal value, I have accepted the proposal of the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity for believers of all religions to unite spiritually this 14 May for a day of prayer, fasting, and works of charity, to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Remember: 14 May, all believers together, believers of different traditions, to pray, fast, and perform works of charity".

"Prayer is our greatest weapon against the virus."

"What will we remember from this time?  The things that unite us."

"Let us pray to feel like Church, family, and to defeat the pandemic."

"Let us pray so as to love our neighbor".

"In the face of the coronavirus, we cannot be demoralized."

Use this link to view a video for this appeal, and pray in this focused way today.


Jesus, during Your ministry on Earth You showed Your power and caring by healing people of all ages and stations of life from physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. Be present now to Your people who need Your loving touch because of COVID-19. May they feel Your power of healing through the care of doctors and nurses, and so many others. Take away the fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation from people receiving treatment or under quarantine.

Give them a sense of purpose in pursuing health and protecting others from exposure to the disease. Protect all our families and friends and bring peace to all throughout our world for we are ONE Family in You. You are our Hope and our whole life is in Your benevolent hands.

To You we give glory, and to the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and forever.

Amen. Our Lady and St. Marguerite – Pray with us


Prayer for Wednesday, May 13, 2020

O Most Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of the most holy Rosary, you were pleased to appear to the children of Fatima and reveal a glorious message. We implore you to inspire in our hearts a fervent love for the recitation of the Rosary.

By meditating on the mysteries of the redemption that are recalled therein, may we obtain the graces and virtues that we ask, through the merits of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Redeemer.  Amen.

Hail Mary, full of Grace . . .


Prayer for Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Prayer for Monday, May 11, 2020

We thank You, O God, for our Mothers whom you have entrusted with our care. Thank You for creating each Mom with a unique combination of gifts and talents.

Thank You for the sacrifice of self each gives her children, for the late nights spent rocking a colicky infant, for the hands calloused from washing, wiping, scrubbing, mixing, hugging, patting, disciplining, holding, writing, painting, and pouring.

We thank You, God, for the gift of time our Moms give so willingly, whether it’s stay-at-home moms, working moms, or moms who are some combination of the two. We thank You for their flexibility, their tirelessness, their perseverance, and their steady devotion. We pray You give each Mom strength.

Help her to see in every mundane task – the eternal, cosmic significance that you place on motherhood. Help her to understand that the most radical, world-changing events may be happening anonymously in her home. And help her to forgive those who undermine her significance.

We especially pray for single moms, who must lean solely on You for the Fathering of their children. We thank You that Yours are the big arms that surround children who may never know their earthly father.

We also pray for a Mother who never had the honor of bearing and raising children, but whose nurturing extends to the many poor and needy who enter the threshold of their lives. How GOOD it is, Lord, that You created mothers to Love us, and bless us and bless our world.

THANK YOU, Lord, for our Mothers! Our Lady, Mother of God, and OUR Mother -Notre Dame - pray for us. St. Marguerite, Mother of the Colony and OUR Mother, Guide our journey.