Notre Data, Notre Dame’s Tradition

The Notre Data is a student-run newspaper that highlights our school’s information, containing student-written articles. Students partake in the publication to write, publish, and edit these articles. Each month, a new edition of the newspaper is published and posted to Google Classroom. Every club member contributes whether they are writing an article, taking photos, proofreading, or designing the format. Articles written by students include but are not limited to major school events, sports, pop culture, student-recommended tips, and current events.

Within the 2021-2022 school year, the Notre Data club plans to publish articles that will capture our student body more than ever. This year, the club decided to include articles about mental health advice, athlete of the month, student interviews, featured clubs, and a fictional story with new chapters each month! This way, an increased amount of students will look forward to reading about fun topics each month as well as become informed about school and current events while doing so.

“I enjoy being a part of the Notre Data club because I can share my ideas and opinions with my school community,” said Grace DiForte (‘23). 

In Notre Data club, we work as a team to present ideas that we believe will be beneficial to our publications. We give ear to each member’s input and encourage students to display their talents however they prefer. 

“I contribute to the club by taking photos for our newspaper. I love that I can share my talent in a different way than writing yet still have a big role within our team,” says Annie DeBiase (‘22).  

Our goal for Notre Data is to not only carry on the school-newspaper tradition but to give students a chance to put their talents on display. As an Editor-in-chief, I plan to make our newspaper an excellent source of information for our school community.

Look out for our first edition of the Notre Data on November 12th!