High School Tuition

Notre Dame Academy is a private school and operates solely on tuition and fundraising.

The Board of Trustees of Notre Dame Academy has set the following tuition for the 2023-2024 High School Year:

High School Tuition 2023-2024
 *Domestic students. Tuition for international students is to be determined.
Tuition Payment:
PLAN A ($25 Enrollment Fee): One payment due July 2023
PLAN B ($25 Enrollment Fee): Two payments due July 2023 and January 2024
PLAN C ($55 Enrollment Fee): Four payments due July 2023, September 2023, November 2023, and January 2024
Deposit for 2023-2024: A non-refundable registration deposit of $1,500 is required, which is credited towards tuition.
General Fee: $900

The General Fee includes Pearson Digital library, NYS regents review books, Bible, catechism, some textbooks, lab fee/equipment/manuals, academic Planner, student accident insurance, PSAT testing, one-day retreats, yearbook, technology fee, lock and locker fee, art fee, and Parents’ Guild Membership.
Notre Dame Academy Family Discount Plan

  • The youngest child attending NDA will pay full tuition, the discount is given to the older child.


  • Discount will apply to both schools of the Academy (for example, it would apply if you have children in the early childhood, elementary/middle, and high school.
  • Discount will be automatically calculated by FACTS as follows:


    2nd child $1,500.00 discount
    3rd child $1,750.00 discount
    4th and subsequent children $2,000.00 discount