High School Tuition

Notre Dame Academy is a private school and operates solely on tuition and fundraising.
Therefore, it is imperative that tuition be kept up to date in order for the school to meet its financial obligations.
High School

The Board of Trustees of Notre Dame Academy has set the following tuition for the
2024-2025 High School Year:

High School Tuition 2024-2025
General Fees* $900
*Includes Technology fee, Pearson Digital Library, NYS Regents review books, some textbooks, lab fee/equipment/manuals, student accident insurance, PSAT testing, Grade 9-11 one-day retreats, yearbook, Field Day, lock and locker fee, art fee, Parent Guild Membership.
Tuition Payment Plans:
    • All plans reflect credit for $1,800 non-refundable registration deposit
    • All Tuition and General Fees are paid through Facts Management Company
PLAN A ($25 Enrollment Fee): One payment due July 15, 2024
$10,650.00 - Reduction of $250.00 on total tuition & fees.
PLAN B ($25 Enrollment Fee): Two payments due July 2024 and January 2025
Payment #1: $5,450.00 due July 15, 2024
Payment #2 $5,450.00 due January 15, 2025
PLAN C ($55 Enrollment Fee): Four payments due July 2023, September 2023, November 2023, and January 2024
Payment #1: $2,725.00 due July 15, 2024
Payment #2: $2,725.00 due September 15, 2024
Payment #3: $2,725.00 due November 15, 2024
Payment #4: $2,725.00 due January 15, 2025

The General Fee includes Pearson Digital library, NYS regents review books, Bible, catechism, some textbooks, lab fee/equipment/manuals, academic Planner, student accident insurance, PSAT testing, one-day retreats, yearbook, technology fee, lock and locker fee, art fee, and Parents’ Guild Membership.
If tuition and fees are not kept current according to your chosen tuition plan, then:
    • A late fee of $30.00 will be charged for each missed payment deadline.
    • No midyear or final exams, including Regents may be taken
    • No report cards or transcripts will be given
    • Access to PowerSchool will be disabled
    • Students may not participate in activities/events such as athletics, Driver Education, trips, prom, or graduation exercises
    • School records will not be released in the event the student transfers
Notre Dame Academy Family Discount Plan
  • The youngest child attending NDA will pay full tuition, the discount is given to the older child.
  • Discount will apply to both schools of the Academy (for example, it would apply if you have children in the early childhood, elementary/middle, and high school.
  • Discount will be automatically calculated by FACTS as follows:


2nd child $1,500.00 discount
3rd child $1,750.00 discount
4th and subsequent children $2,000.00 discount