Prayer for Pentecost

Prayer for Sunday, May 31, 2020


Come, Holy Spirit, O come, Spirit of God, come with your Peace, our Power, Your Light. Come with Forgiveness, Courage, and Hope. Come, Spirit of God, unite us with the risen Jesus, turn us again to the Father of Jesus.

Together they pour You daily into our hearts. Come now to our suffering world, sick with a killing virus and everywhere threatened with silent death, but most cruelly among your poorest ones. Come to our First Responders, our Doctors and Nurses and Hospital Staff, to the Men and Women who preserve the civic order.  and protect us from fire and bring us our food.

O most Holy Spirit of God, Flowing and glowing, You are Brightness in my darkness, Power in my weakness, PEACE  . . .  in my troubled life. Your beauty and purity, sweet fragrance and harmony cause Splendor and Wonder, such Joy and Glory, Lord. You are so Brilliant and Illuming, so Caring and Comforting, so Gentle and Renewing, so Patient and Liberating, so Motherly and Wise.

O true love, divine Lord, come and take possession of my soul.

Our Lady of the Visitation and St. Marguerite,

Stay with us in these Pentecost days.