Daily Prayer - Week of June 8

Prayer for Friday, June 12, 2020

“For the kingdom to come in our world, Disciples must have the competence  to SEE, and the courage to ACT, which is a call to do as Jesus did – working for JUSTICE through loving service to the poor.”

Jesus, our Brother, You shed light on many injustices in the church and society of Your time. Help us to awaken to those injustices that lie within our own hearts ,and give us honesty and determination to CHANGE.

Help us to see ways to use Your light and wisdom to bring justice and love to our neighborhoods, and country. Let us be peaceful, but true, determined and hopeful, for WITH You our world of sisters and brothers CAN live in harmony and love.

We pray this with the inspiration of St. Marguerite. 



Prayer for Thursday, June 11, 2020

Jesus, You have told us that where two or three are gathered in Your name – You are there. With our churches still closed, help us to continue to keep our faith alive within the walls of our homes.

Strengthen these “Home Parishes” with Your Love and Compassion. Let not our masks cover our hearts nor our HOPE in You living among us, as You did with Your earliest followers. In gratitude for the blessings of Family and Friends who have journeyed with us these long months, we pray.

Our Lady and St. Marguerite, models of family women, be with us.


Prayer for Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Prayer for PEACE Lord, our God, You are the God of Life in abundance, and we come to You, dismayed in the face of violence around us. Transform our Hearts so that we may be persons who carry Your Peace in the world.

May Your Spirit guide those who walk with us on the road of Peace. Send this same Spirit on all those who are caught in the web of violence, and never let us give up seeking Dialogue for Peace. You, O God, showed us in our Brother Jesus, how we can overcome violence and establish Peace.

Be with us. Save us, O God, in Your Love, with the Peaceful women,

Mary and Marguerite, we pray. 



Prayer for Tuesday, June 9, 2020

God, as time spent in the house 24/7 is starting to change and people are going out more, we ask you to keep watching over us. As we start to hang out with friends and have family while still keeping a distance, we ask for all to remain healthy and well.

Times like this are difficult and hard, Lord, but we know one day we will find a new normal again. Until that happens, keep us safe and well.  In your name we pray and keep faith! 

Saint Marguerite pray for us,


~  Jenna Cedano '21

Prayer for Monday, June 8, 2020

Creator God, be with us in these times of trouble: we are surrounded by images of HOPE for change, and also violence. We wrestle with how to respond in LOVE to some of the fear and violence around us wanting to respond with compassionate and Prophetic Love.

We, too, grieve for those dead – from violence, and from the coronavirus, and we accompany in prayer and love all those who mourn. We confess, that we who profess to follow Jesus have sometimes been unable or unwilling to obey His command to love one another. We acknowledge we have failed to break down systems that oppress and marginalize because of race, sexual orientation, and gender identity. And in this time of Protest, we lift up the voices of ALL who experience oppression, discrimination, and hatred.

Help us to listen carefully to hear the changes we need to make in our own lives and institutions so that we INCLUDE rather than exclude. We give You thanks, O God, for the peacemakers and bridge-builders, and those who fight hatred and fear with love and understanding.

We give thanks for those faithful witnesses who speak TRUTH to power and call for conversion to Jesus’ way of Love. And we pray to imagine what New HOPE might look like in our world after this virus subsides and the protests lead to Justice LEAD US, Creator God, to co-Create WITH YOU as our inspiration and strength.

May Mary and Marguerite help us on this journey.